When you think of going out to eat, it is either because you don’t feel like cooking or have been craving a particular dish for a while. Now, on entering a restaurant, the basic expectations you have are a pleasant ambience and warm hospitality yet the most important thing is the food. After all, you have made the effort of stepping out and getting dressed just to enjoy a nice meal. In addition to that, you are paying for it too. 

What happens when the waiter mixes up your order with someone else’s or gets you the wrong order itself? You would get furious and charge all your anger on the server. You might even call for the manager and barge out of the restaurant without having anything. Wait, what if we told you that the restaurant was called the Restaurant of Order Mistakes? Yes, you heard us. 

What started off as a social experiment in 2017 ended up in this uniquely conceptualized restaurant in Japan. Situated in Tokyo, the restaurant has specifically hired staffs who are suffering from dementia, an illness which often results in memory loss. All the servers are suffering from the same condition. Now you might ask, what is the point of appointing such staff when you know they are bound to commit mistakes? 

That’s a fair question but the idea behind this one-of-a-kind culinary project is to make people empathetic towards those suffering from dementia and other such related illnesses. Along with creating job opportunities for them in this sector, the aim is to normalise the act of committing mistakes. 

Till date, about 37% of the orders have been mistaken for something else. Yet the response from the customers is overwhelming. They have expressed great appreciation for the concept and effort and have always left the restaurant with a smile on their faces despite being served the wrong order. 

This also reminds me of another such café in Delhi called Echoes which is run by a staff composed of people suffering from speech and hearing disabilities. They place a bell on each table and have placards with names of different dishes to place the order and give other instructions like requesting a bill etc. You have to ring the bell and the server comes at your table. 

Have you come across any such interestingly conceptualized restaurants? 

         Source: The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes/Youtube