Ganesh Chaturthi, arguably one of India’s biggest festivals is right here and our excitement levels are touching the roof. Bappa’s arrival has charged up everyone and their appetites. Why else were you randomly googling Modak recipe yesterday? No, we are not judging. We ourselves decided to gorge on all possible festive delicacies, but never in our wildest imagination did we picture a prasad flavoured ice-cream. That’s right. Naturals Ice cream is launching a unique Prasadam ice cream to woo Lord Ganesha and his foodie devotees.  Intrigued much? Read on to know more. 

What Is The 'Prasadam' Ice Cream?  

The artisanal ice cream is essentially your typical prasadam reimagined as an ice cream. It is hand-churned with ingredients such as banana, raisins, tender coconut, milk and sugar. The ice cream is vegetarian and ideal for your ‘festive feels’. Available in single scoop, double scoop and family pack, the ice cream is only available until the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi. You can also order in the ice cream via all major food delivery apps.  

How Is The ‘Prasadam’ Ice Cream Made 

We also got in touch with Naturals team who took us through the process of making the ice cream. First, milk is poured into the batch freezer. Then, banana pulp and tender coconut pulp is added to the ice cream making machine. The ice cream is then churned vigorously. Once the ice cream is ready, the nuts are added to the machine and given a nice churn. The ice cream is then served according to demand.  Doesn’t that sound fascinating, do you think you can recreate the same magic at home? Do let us know.