Long before we knew much about the world of salads, we knew of the Caesar salad and believed it to be the crowning jewel of salads, which is why when we read about it being a last-minute creation, we were rather intrigued. The popular salad which is also a comfort food for countless people around the world is a common fixture across all Delis and salad bars. Ceaser salad (which bears no connection with Roman emperor Julius Ceaser whatsoever) is said to be the brainchild of Italian chef Caeser Cardini, so does that make Caeser salad Italian? Well, not really.  

The history of Caeser salad is shrouded in mystery, according to a popular theory, which was apparently confirmed by Caeser’s daughter himself was that Ceaser once ran short of ingredients so he put together a simple salad with Romaine lettuce (the only Roman ingredient of this ‘Roman’ sounding salad), eggs, olive oil , crouton, parmesan cheese, and Worcestershire sauce. This particular dish caught on like a house on fire and came to be known as the Caeser salad, even though the creamy Caeser salad dressing was far from coming into the picture.  

Now about its place of origin, Caeser Cardini had apparently been a restaurateur in various places of America until The  Prohibition made it difficult for him to sustain a restaurant in the states, shortly after he found himself in Tijuana, Mexico, where it was much cheaper and efficient to run a restaurant. And yes, the famous Caeser salad was, in fact, created in Mexico.

There are also many theories that claim Cardini was not the original creator of the Caeser salad. Some say that it was Caeser Cardini’s brother Alex who first made the salad, and some theories that suggest foul play of sorts. There are very popular legends that claim that the salad was created and developed by the employees of Caeser but he walked away with all the credit.  

Irrespective of the secrets buried in history, we cannot be more delighted for this lovely, crunchy salads that made us love greens. Caeser salad has been recreated, reimagined and remodeled in various ways by various ways throughout these years.

Here’s a lovely recipe you may enjoy.