India is one country where one can find countless variations of one food. From momos to gol gappa to chowmein or samosas, you will find at least one quirky version of these street foods in India. For instance, our beloved crispy and wholesome samosa is one that can be found easily anywhere. Not only is it a pocket-friendly option but also comes with a huge variety. You can enjoy it in its most classic form with aloo as a stuffing or go beyond to keema, matar, paneer, chowmein and even pasta or chocolate.  Yes, you read that right, the options are not just endless but unique. and the options in its varieties are endless. But this time, in an all-new variation of samosa, we have found something that has left people in splits and quite confused. Recently, a street vendor was seen making a samosa sandwich. Yes, you read that right. 

In a video uploaded by food blogger @ahm_foodiefriends on Instagram, a street vendor can be seen making a sandwich with samosas stuffed inside. The video starts with the vendor taking out pre-cooked samosas from an oven, and places it in a grilling machine to press it a little. He then takes a slice of bread and spreads some green chutney, ketchup, and chaat masala over it. He tops the slice with the samosa, and smears ketchup and chat masala again on the top. He finishes the sandwich by adding another slice of bread smeared with butter and green chutney and serves divided into four pieces. Take a look at the video here:


The unique sandwich has garnered 3 million views and more than 80k likes. The video also received several comments with mixed reactions. Many people have called this combination ‘tempting’ and ‘yummy’, while some were quite unhappy with it. One such comment read "please leave the samosa alone," while another said "these experiments need to stop." Someone also pointed out how that this creation is called ‘samosa pav.’ 

What do you think about this combination; would you try it? Let us know.