No matter what the occasion might be, none is complete without a cake. Don’t you agree? From birthdays, anniversary, milestones or just about anything, the cake is the centre of it all. No wonder we have such a massive variety of them around! Home bakers, chefs, pastry chefs and baking enthusiasts keep experimenting with so many designs, types and flavours that there is absolutely no dearth of cake trends. The past year saw many unique food trends on the internet, but one cake trend that has caught the fancy of many recently is the Pinata cake one!  

Pinata or ‘smash’ cake has become a viral sensation in a short time. The word ‘pinata’ is a Spanish word that translated to ‘pot’, and the trend can be traced to somewhere in North America wherein vessels were filled with candies to be hung from a height, only to be smashed. This trend has now extended to cakes, giving a unique spin. It first occurred around Valentine’s Day where heart-shaped 3D-looking cakes took the internet by storm. Even the celebrities joined the bandwagon and banged the pinata cakes with a hammer! Packed with candies, nutty, gummy bears, and so on, pinata cakes have started to sell like hotcakes at many local bakeries now! This has to be when the #pinatacake has over 218,983 posts on Instagram and counting! 


The cake has a hard-looking structure on the outside, which can be given various attractive shapes and sizes, and is smashed by a small hammer accompanying the cake. The idea is to twist cake-cutting by smashing through it to get to the actual cake! The inside has multiple layers of cake, candies and even macaroons or cupcakes! You can get as experimentative with pinata cake as possible.  

This trend has completely changed the cake-cutting process, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to it! Have you tried pinata cake yet?