As soon as the sun shines bright and as soon as the sun takes a dip and disappears among the clouds, there is a sudden urge to have a cup of chai. Tea, or chai, is one of the most popular hot beverages in India and the variety of chai available is evidence. From proper tea rooms and cafes to chai stalls and tapris, India’s love affair with chai can be seen in different forms. You’ve got masala tea, kulhad wali chai, cutting chai, cold-brewed tea and what not. 

Quite recently, a blogger took to her Instagram to share a video of her nail art. The user, who goes by the name, @ilysmnails has shared several creative nail art videos in the past but this one blew away our minds. Okay, wait for it. The nail art was used to sieve a cup of chai. There, we said it. Finding it hard to believe? Here’s how she did it. 

Source: Ilysmnails/Instagram 

The video begins with the blogger placing a transparent nail over her actual nails. We can see that the nail extensions are not flat but hollow in the centre. She takes a real steel sieve and cuts out a portion of the netted part. Then, she places this net in the hollow part, forming a holder at the bottom. This is fixed on the edges of the extensions with help of a glue. Finally, she sprays some glittery paint over the edges and on the nails, giving them a colourful look. Following this, what we saw might take you by surprise. She transferred tea from one cup to another using the same nail art sieve. 

While she’s at it, she also holds a jalebi in her hand to match the popular Jalebi Baby audio added in the background of the video. At one point, it seems a little bizaare but when the elaichi or cardamom gets stuck on the sieve, it seems to be a functional idea. 

The reel has garnered over 30K likes and close to seven lakh views in the past two days since it went viral. Looking at this interesting take on sieving tea, we’ve curated a list of ways by which you can sieve tea without a strainer (and no, it doesn’t include nail art!).

1.  Paper Roll Or Kitchen Roll Method 

The kitchen roll can be used as a filter to separate the leaves from the water to give you tea. Take some roll, fold it two times into a square and form a pocket from one fold. Now just place it over the mug and add the loose leaves to it. Pour the hot water and Voila! It’s done. 

2.  Fork Method 

This is a very handy and simple method which only requires a fork. Here, you have pour the tea in the mug and sieve it through a fork into another mug. The fork helps to block the leaves from getting transferred. 

3.  Cup Over Mug Method 

Take two mugs and add your brewed tea to one. Place a cup over the second mug and strain the leaves through it carefully so that you are left with only the tea in the second one.