The craze for street food in India is remarkable. Each region has their own set of chatpata and khatta-meetha food items being sold on the streets. From golgappas to chaat papdi and vada pav, there are a host of lip-smacking delicacies that you can relish. You’ll find small shacks and stalls as well as well-established shops offering your favourite street fare on their menu. However, since it is called street food, you’ll find a large crowd of people surrounding a roadside stall, waiting for their turn to take their share. 

Before the pandemic hit us, all of us used to be quite fearless in stepping out of the house and going to crowded markets and malls. We never paused for a second to think that there would be too many people outside and lack of space to roam around. In the post-pandemic era, the situation has reversed. We have become more cautious about social distancing, the need for personal space and hygiene-related protocols. Personally, the slight fear of eating on roadside stalls still persists and I haven’t had golgappas outside home for two years now. 

While my mother made some for us at home during the lockdown, I haven’t yet gathered the courage to stand at a shack shop and eat golgappas from someone else’s hands. Despite the dip in the number of Covid cases, the fear is not going anytime soon. Amidst these concerns, a video of a contactless golgappa machine went viral a few days back. 

The idea of a touchless vending machine that allows you to relish golgappas without any human contact involved has arrived in Delhi. A software engineer by profession, Govind specialises in robotics engineering. Given the current situation, the idea struck him to make a machine which sells golgappas without the interference of humans. Inquisitive about how it looks? Take a look. 

         Source: Foody Vishal/YouTube 

The video was shared by a user called Foody Vishal on his YouTube channel and it went viral in no time. In the clip, we can see that the vending machine has a robot placed at the side which is there to answer all your queries regarding the functioning of the machine. The owner, Govind, explains in the video that the touchless vending machine works by the method of QR code. You simply begin by scanning the code given on the machine. That will redirect you to a payment method, which is again contactless (Paytm, Google Pay etc). While INR 20 is the fixed price for golgappas, INR 21 is for vadapav. 

Once the payment is done, you have to wait a few seconds before a box pops out from the outlet below. It contains a sealed box of golgappas with stuffing and a biodegradable glass. The glass is used to fill up the golgappe ka paani. There are four varieties, sweet, spicy, heeng and mix. You can place your glass under the marker and take water. The water is available to be filled for the first three minutes, Govind mentions in the video. Once you have all your ingredients, you can make the golgappas and enjoy. Similarly, you can also purchase a vada pav from this vending machine. The video has garnered over 8k views and 44k likes till now. 

Now that we’ve talked so much about golgappas, aren’t you tempted to have some? Move over your traditional golgappas and try these fusion golgappa recipes. 

1.  Pizza Choco Golgappas 

Thinking of making your desi golgappas videshi? Try this fusion recipe of pizza and chocolate golgappas. With a layer of cheese and veggies, slather some chocolate sauce on the golgappa and enjoy. 

2.  Sweet Potato Golgappa Khatti Meethi Chaat 

Instead of those cubes of potato, dunk in some sweet potato and spruce up a delectable chaat with the sweet and tangy chutneys. This can also be thought of as a healthy alternative to the usual starchy potato golgappas that you have. 

3.  Fruity Pani Puri 

With the goodness of pulpy and sweet fruits, you can make a fruity pani puri or golgappe. While it is called golgappe in Delhi, it is referred to as pani puri in Mumbai. This fruity street food version is going to be refreshing for your taste buds. 

4.  Rabdi In Chocolate Golgappas

The spicy and savoury treat can be made into a dessert with this recipe. The popular golgappas can satisfy your sweet tooth if they’re made with chocolate. Coated in sugar syrup, the golgappas shells are dipped in a creamy and ultra-sweet rabdi.