Past one year has been a hard one for the whole world. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected our health, it also took a toll on various businesses with the hospitality industry facing one of worst hits. While several hotels and restaurants across the globe were forced to shut down due to the consistent dip in sales, some managed to stick through. These restaurants came through the adversities by working incessantly to serve their patrons in various ways, including home deliveries amid severe lockdowns, sometimes even working 24x7, without break. We can only imagine, how it must have affected the employees' mental and physical health. A restaurant in the United States went ahead and actually did something to give its employees a 'well deserved break'.

A Japanese restaurant 'Ramen House’ in Louisville, Kentucky, recently took its employees on a week-long trip to Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right. Taking to its official Facebook page to share a picture of the employees from Las Vegas, the restaurant wrote, "Sorry we are closed this week...our employees have worked so hard and diligently through all the crazy times we went through. They deserve a break. So we've decided to take them to Vegas. We will return next week during normal business hours. Till then (peace)." Take a look: 


The gesture by the restaurant went viral in no time as it won hearts on the internet, receiving around 2.3k likes, 1.4k shares and several comments, since the time it was posted on July 7.

People couldn’t help but appreciate how the restaurant recognizes the hard work of its employees. "I already loved y'all's food but this is amazing, thank you for showing your employees you appreciate them!" wrote Tina Knicely. Another user wrote” I’ve never been here before, but after seeing this post I can’t wait to try y’all out! Great job!” Another comment read, “You need to be commended doing this for your employees! About time some good come to the ones working during pandemic! Enjoy!”  

At a time when employees are working round the clock to simply get the business started, isn’t this a great way to reward them and keep them motivated? Let us know what you think.