If there’s one ingredient that an Indian household is incomplete without, it has to be honey. An indispensable part of the Indian kitchen, honey has multiple purposes. It is hailed for its healing properties, including relieving cough and cold, to weight loss and even boosting immunity, honey has been a soothing agent we have all relied on. No wonder it is known as the nature's miracle potion. And while we cannot imagine our home without a bottle of honey, have you ever wondered how this thick indulgent liquid would work in outer space? Well, an astronaut just revealed it in an unbelievable video!  

The video, posted on YouTube in May 2019 by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), has resurfaced on social media in the past one week, and has so far received 49 million views. "CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques takes advantage of microgravity in space to play with honey," read the description to the video. The 58-second clip shows astronaut David Saint-Jacques demonstrating how honey reacts to zero gravity situation in outer space. "So, let's show you the strange behaviour of honey in zero-g," he said in the video. Take a look:

He then opens the lid of the box of honey and pulls it out horizontally. Now, while on Earth, honey would immediately start to flow and pour out from the box, in a zero gravity situation in outer space we can see it in a thicker, stretchier, rubber-like form which the astronaut is even able to curl as well. “Strange things happen when you remove gravity”, he says at the end of the video. Isn’t it oddly beautiful? Internet users obviously were stunned and the comments section was filled with awe-struck admirers of space. 

"Never seen a grown man so happy playing with honey.” wrote one user. "His smile throughout the whole time just shows he's truly fascinated as well," wrote another. Another commented, “That's pretty cool. Space is kinda awesome.” while one user hilariously wrote "Imagine when they come back down and they forget that their food can't just float around anymore."