All this while, we have seen a plethora of talents from the City of Joy, specifically in the field of arts and music. In this culturally-rich state, everyone from a chai wala to a business professional has some hidden talent which is yet to be tapped. 

Also, have you noticed an interesting thing about this whole situation? It is a chai wala who has gone viral. Well, when a chai wala can become a model (remember the Pakistani  tea seller) and even govern the country (our Prime Minister Narendra Modi), then surely a chai wala can sing too. Here’s proof. 

Source: Pooja Mehta/Twitter 

Recently, a tea seller from Kolkata named Paltan Nag went viral on social media, all thanks to his melodious singing. Unaware that he was being shot, he went on to sing “Main Shayar Badnaam”, one of the classics from Kishore Kumar. Clearly, he is a big fan of the music legend since he wore t-shirt printed with Kishore da’s image on the occasion of his birth anniversary. 

In the video which has garnered over 19.3k views in the past few days, Nag is seen holding a mic in his hand and singing the melody while attending to his customers too. While it is pouring heavily, a few passers-by stop to listen to him and are mesmerized. A few are sipping tea from hot cups and enjoying the pleasant weather with his melodious voice. The video has been circulated over Whatsapp too. 

As per an interview with ANI, he remarked, "I have followed Kishore Kumar since I was 10 years old. I practiced his songs on Karaoke. He is my idol”. The 56-year old chai wala owns a small tea stall, tucked away in a corner of the Beniatola Lane. 

Seems like our country is brimming with talent, just in the need of the right platform to express it.