The pandemic has left the world in state of uncertainty. It has left an adverse effect on everything from the economy to the health. Some industries have been affected relatively more than others and in India street vendors and roadside food stalls, have been perhaps one of the worst affected. With bare minimum footfall and meagre daily earnings during the past one year, one cannot imagine how these vendors have worked to make ends meet. With the COVID-19 cases now slowly coming down in the country,  these vendors are trying to get back into business with everything they can do, including getting vaccinated and being responsible by promoting the same. That is exactly what impressed Twitter recently, when a picture of a Shillong food vendor whose portable stall proudly featured the word 'vaccinated' on it went viral. Take a look:

"The ubiquitous channawallah of Shillong. There is something about this photo. Unable to pinpoint the emotion," wrote the Twitter user in the caption of the post. The photo, shared on Twitter by @indira_laisram garnered over 17.4k likes and 2.8k retweets. In the photograph, we could see the Shillong Channawallah preparing some delicious serving of channa for a customer. The vendor is wearing a mask and his tray of chanas hung around his neck featured the word 'vaccinated' in capital letters.  

Twitter users were impressed by the responsible gesture of the street side vendor to assure his customers and showered him with all the praises. While some said that this would stand as an inspiration for many other vendors to get vaccinated, others were impressed with the way he’s trying to build trust. Have a look at some reactions here:

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