If you thought your food order which got exchanged with someone else’s is the most frustrating thing to happen, wait till you read what happened to a woman in Philippines. As per a Facebook post, Alique Perez, placed an order of fried chicken at a popular fast-food chain 'Jollibee' on June 1. What was supposed to be a usual midnight munching turned into a nightmare when she received the order with something entirely different. Instead of a crunchy, succulent fried chicken, Perez received a ‘fried towel’. Yes, you read that right. See the Facebook post she shared:


While describing the incident in her post, Alique Perez explained that while she tried and failed to get her son take a bite of the chicken, she tore it apart and was shocked to see a fried towel wrapped underneath the fried batter! She also stated how she had read about some horrific stories about Jollibee Food Corp where people have received strange things in their order, but thought they were all made-up. “Now I know that it really happens!” she said, adding that she can’t imagine about the other orders made from the same batch of oil. 

In a span of just 7 days, her Facebook post went viral with many people catching the attention and had about 104k likes with about 87K shares. A lot of people came forward and shared their experiences about the fast-food chain. Due to the severe backlash online, Jollibee Foods Corp had to temporarily close the Bonifacio-Stop Over branch, as per local reports. The fast-food giant in a statement to CNN Philippines said that the purpose of the closure was to review the branch’s compliance with procedures as well as retrain the store staff to ensure the incident isn’t repeated.