Our love for fried eggs is far from dying soon. Not only are we trying new ways to spruce up this super-simple recipe, but also new ways to make it. And these 'news ways', may or may not involve a kitchen or a stove-top at all times. You must remember a recent viral video where a Netizen from the Middle-East tried frying eggs out in the sun. That’s right. The sweltering heat helped this woman cook her eggs in her balcony, without even switching on her stove. Another video that is going viral is of a man who tried something similar but the results weren’t quite desirable.

The video posted on Reddit by u/Swigor under the subreddit r/WinStupidPrizes, shows a man breaking an egg on top of his blue car roof. Almost instantly, the egg slides into his car seat via his window which he left open. The eleven second video ends with a lot of chuckles, and the comment section was no different. It was replete with funny observations and comments that will make your day.  

“Your car was so hungry it couldn’t wait”, wrote a user named Play3r_Exe

Another user named ludexourt also tried to place the blame on the car “trying to be muscle car by eating the eggs raw”  

Many were curious about egg’s impact on the car paint, “doesn’t egg eat the car paint away?” wrote Breanne 4235.  

When a user tried to argue that this was the “best possible outcome” of the experiment, another user painted a very graphic picture for us. “If the egg would have gone to the windshield, triggering a rains sensor and causing the wipers to smear it all over the windshield”, michalfri wrote.  

Even though it was a failed experiment, that does not mean we plan on stop experimenting with eggs, maybe we will try to contain a majority of it within the kitchen. How did you like the experiment, do let us know in the comments below.