For anyone who just needs a reason to eat a cake but a whole lot of it gets too much, the latest food trend from Korea is exactly made for you. Taking minimalism to another level, bento cakes from South Korea have made their way on the internet and created quite a stir! Small, dainty and absolutely eye-pleasing, bento cakes are influenced by the Japanese food trend of ‘bento boxes’, which are generally a single portion wholesome meal for takeaways, consisting of rice or noodles as well as vegetables and meat. Bento in Japanese literally translates to 'convenient' or 'convenience', and that exactly what these meals are. And Bento cakes have taken it to a whole new level!  

Bento cake come curled up in a lunch box and are a cuter, delicate and aesthetically pleasing version of bento box! Elegant and petite, these bento cakes are literally mini versions of your regular cakes snuggled in a takeaway box. They are no more than four-five inches of diameter and have already made its way to the fancy of chefs and bakers around the world. Perfect for small occasions such as promotions to close-knit celebrations on birthdays or anniversaries where you just don’t want to get a huge 1 kg cake for about 2-3 people, bento cake suits it all. With over 11k post with #BentoCakes on Instagram alone, the trend has surely made its way to our heart! Delicate, small designs, pristine lettering over decadent whipped cream piping all around, packed in a tiny box has melt many hearts. We wonder how do we bring ourselves to cut it? And these can be customised as well! Don’t these melt your heart too?


Bento cakes were first spotted in Korean cafes and then popularized through social media. These are perfect to send over to friends and family as a token on gratitude and love, as people in South Korea does. A simple gesture that can literally melt anyone, seems like a cake is solution to everything!