Even if you haven’t made a single Instagram reel so far, you cannot stop yourself from grooving to the ever-so catchy ‘Jalebi Baby’ song by Tasher and Jason Derulo. From cool covers to dance videos, the song is all over the social media, redefining the word ‘viral’. Jalebi, as we all know, is a deep-fried sweet, dipped in sugar syrup. It is renowned for its unique coiled shape. Now, it is not the first time that an international pop artist has taken inspiration from food to make a chartbuster song. Remember how Justin Bieber broke the Internet with his song ‘Peaches’? However, there is something special about the ‘Jalebi’ song. Yes, you guessed it right. It has thrilled us ‘desis’ because of the choice of the dessert, jalebi. Even though many historians claim that the modern-day Jalebi is just a version of the Central Asian ‘Zalabia’; nobody can deny India’s role in popularising the dessert across the world. You can find the dessert at every sweet shop of the country, that too in various shapes and sizes.  

Jason Derulo, one of the singers of the hit song also took Instagram to post an incredibly cool reel of him trying his hands at making jalebis. In a bowl, he makes a smooth batter of gram flour and saffron syrup, which he then drops in hot oil from a squeezy bottle (he even gets the shape right!). Once they’re fried, he dips them in sugar syrup and flaunts his fresh and hot jalebis to the world. In the end, he brings two bottles of Hershey’s chocolate syrup into the frame and our hearts sink for a moment, but he soon throws them away on to the side. Who knows it better than us that jalebis are meant to be enjoyed as is, or with a dash of rabri, right?

“For those of you still wondering what a Jalebi is #jalebibaby @khansaab_oc @tesherrr”, he captioned the video. 

Screenshots from an Instagram reel posted by @jasonderulo