Don’t we all have that particular food from our childhood that we absolutely loved and crave till date? A lot of them are often decadent sweets that our sweet tooth cannot ever resist even when we are older, but more often than not, we have to let go of them due to health reasons. One such dish is the coiled sweet treat Jalebi, an Indian sweet dish that can make anyone go weak in the knees and IPS officers are no different. A recent tweet by an IPS officer from Tamil Nadu reveals the pain of not being able to relish the delightful, sweet dish.

IPS officer Dr Sandeep Mittal took to twitter to express his love for Jalebis since childhood and how he dreamt of having it more after growing up. But the latter part of his tweet seems to have landed him in a soup, especially after he revealed how his wife does not allow him to eat the sweet dish.

Mittal tweeted on July 17 in Hindi “In childhood, there used to be a big jalebi worth 25 paise. We used to think that after growing up, we would earn and eat three or four jalebis daily. Now, when I have started earning, my wife does not allow me to eat jalebi.

The tweet, which soon went viral on social media, garnered about 26.1k likes and 2.5k retweets besides many comments about how they too were able to relate to it. However, one response was that from Mittal’s wife herself. In a fun banter between the two, Dr. Richa Mittal retweeted his tweet and jokingly threatened him in Hindi “You come home today….”. Take a look:

The hilarious response too received over 14.3 likes and people immediately started to worry about the IPS officer. Have a look at some of the reactions: