As much as we love Indian weddings, the whole big fat affair, can be a tiring one in the end, particularly for the bride and the groom. And well, the brides with all the weight of the make-up and attire often have a tough time coping up. Add to it the stress, no time to sleep and so much more, brides do deserve a break in between, don’t you think? The time from when she gets ready till the ‘baraat’ enters, is one period she can relax and well, eat her heart out. At least that’s what one such hungry bride thought of and went viral for her genius time management skills. 

Recently, a video of a bride has gone viral for being simply adorable. The bride who was waiting for the marriage ceremony to begin, couldn't help finish off a Pizza McPuff from fast food chain Mcdonalds! In the video, one can see that the bride decked up in a beautiful lehenga and heavy jewellery and radiant make up;  is busy gorging on a Pizza McPuff  as she scrolls through her phone. Isn’t that amazing? Relatable for sure! The video, originally uploaded by an Instagram page called 'dulhaniyaa',  shows how the bride shies away when she realises that the photographer is filming her while she enjoys her Pizza McPuff, she hides herself from the camera. But bursts out laughing later. Take a look at the adorable video:


The video has garnered more than 19k views and over 600 likes in just three days. 

Isn’t it relatable much? And well this isn’t the first time we’ve come across a hungry, rather foodie bride. From a bride who loved pani puri way too much to a bride who loved Delhi’s iconic Big Chill Café to the extent, that she went there to fulfill her cravings in the D-day, we’ve seen it all.  

Did you know you could make Mcdonald’s like Pizza McPuff at home too? Click here for the recipe.

Try it, you never know when you may end up needing it.