The pandemic has lulled the spirits of one a many entrepreneurs and business. Several times, over the last one and half year, stories of business losses have been heard. With a nation-wide lockdown for the longest time, every industry has been hit hard. Be it the small shop owners or big corporate, no one has remained untouched by the adverse effects of this unexpected health situation. 

Amidst this hullabaloo, one story that caught our eye in the recent past was of Baba Ka Dhaba in Delhi. While they managed to raise a lot of money with the aid of people, there are several others still looking for support. However, there is something that most of us have overlooked, i.e. the big brands and corporations. The hospitality and restaurant business has been the worst hit with this change in lifestyle. 

In Mumbai, given the rising number of cases, the government has continued to extend the weekend lockdown and 4 p.m. curfews on fine-dining restaurants and cafes. In the wake of this restriction, Harsh Goenka recently took to his Twitter to share a video, showcasing the stark contrast for the street food vendors in Mumbai. Have a look. 

               Source: Harsh Goenka/Twitter

Narrating the scene, Harsh informs everyone that it is a market in Khar West where all the street food vendors are brimming with customers while the big restaurants have been asked to remain closed. Not sounding very happy with the whole situation, he captions it saying, “Video taken yesterday night at Khar, Mumbai! While restaurants and shops shut at 4 pm and closed on weekends, street food flourishes at night, under the vigilant eye of the law. Ironic isn’t it!”.

His commentary throughout the video highlights the irony of the situation, indirectly questioning the validity of such a breach of ordinance. He ends the video by remarking, “My Great India”.