Love for food sometimes knows no bounds. And if it's about your favourite food, you would perhaps jump at any opportunity to perhaps finish it all off. Isn’t it? And that is exactly what has turned into competitive eating. Haven’t we seen food enthusiasts coming forward to participate in various such competitions? From spicy chicken wings, gol gappas, doughnuts and to multiple rounds of vodka shots, we’ve seen people acing all these challenges. People have made fascinating records too while eating. And this is why a recent pie-eating competition in Florida is gaining all sorts of reactions.

Shared by Reuters on Youtube and Twitter, the video features a bizarre World Key Lime Pie eating championship, about which the internet stands divided. Take a look here:

The video has received over 93k views since the time it was shared on July 6. The minute-long clip shows twenty-five contestants lined up in a row, wearing protective glasses on their eyes, their hands on the back, faces burrowed deep inside the key lime pies to finish first in a set time. The nine-inch key lime pies are made with a biscuit-like outer layer which is filled with lemon-flavoured cream. This championship was organised to mark the U.S. Independence Day, as per Reuters caption on the video on YouTube.

With messy faces covered with cream, the participants were busy noshing the cream off while onlookers cheered them on. The video also had the winner of the championship, Nicholas Luera, talking about how this competition with speed eating round, face first all one and, key lime pie makes it a challenging feat. He was rewarded with an interesting-looking award to celebrate the win though.

The internet users remained divided about the championship. While some thought it looked like fun, others wondered why such a competition existed in the first place. A comment on Twitter read ‘disgusting’ another user wondered “Lol, “world” championship? Where else in the world do they do this.”.