The lockdown has not been easy on anyone. In a matter of days, our social life took a 180 degree turn and before we could even realise, we were locked up inside our own homes for months. Number of interesting food trends and challenges surfaced on social media during this time, some impressive, some forgettable. One of the most fascinating food trends to emerge from the lockdown was- ‘cloud bread’. Now, the netizens have decided to take this trend up a notch with ‘cloud bread pizza’. For those wondering what is a cloud bread, here’s a brief recap.  

Cloud bread is a super soft and fluffy bread made with simple ingredients such as egg whites, white sugar and corn starch. It is called cloud bread because of its appearance, the bump on the bread appear like clouds. Let’s not forget the super light texture of the bread, which is possible only after a careful mixing of the batter. People have been experimenting a lot with the recipe, some are also adding food colouring, so that the bread comes out all colourful and pretty. The trend grew immensely popular because the internet realised how incredibly easy it is to make cloud breads, or breads in general. Remember the whole phase of banana bread and frog bread. Yes, all these trends coincided with each other for a reason.

Now the ‘cloud bread pizza’ is just an upgrade of the popular social media food trend. All that you need to do is take the freshly baked cloud breads, slather it with pizza top, followed by a generous sprinkle of cheese, then throw in some herbs, fresh basil, veggies, meat or whatever you want and bake till done. Your cloud bread pizza is ready to devour.  

So, when are you trying out this new trend?