The summer season has hit the world differently this year. Not just Asian countries but parts of the USA and Canada too have suffered severe heat wave. And while it is a cause of serious global concern, the internet is using this opportunity to make relevant memes or being generally amused by some of the after-effects. The scorching heat that has wrecked Canada is simply unbearable for humans. Imagine the effect on poor candies. A viral video where a time-lapse video shows candies melting into a puddle due to the heat, has left the internet amazed. The phenomenon is a sight to behold and that is exactly why it went viral across the internet in no time after it was shared on Twitter by a resident of Calgary in Canada.

In the video, posted by @attila_thefun, we saw a handful of gummy bears kept in a bowl out in the sun for just about an hour. Shot in time-lapse mode to show the development of an hour in just 27 seconds, the video has left Twitter users by surprise. Take a look:

The vibrant and colourful candies, soon, melted into a gooey pool of colours from red and yellow to green. All the candies except sour cherry gummies caved to the heat.  “One hour to turn a pile of gummy bears into a gummy puddle in this heat. The sour cherry gummies are much more resilient.” read the caption.  

The video has garnered a lot of reactions on Twitter. It was posted on July 1 and in just over five days, the video has fetched about 3.6k views just on the microblogging site. The reactions were all things from being stunned by the adversity of heat, to innovative minds churning out ideas to reuse the thick puddle. A user suggested how the same candy puddle can be frozen and made into a big candy!

“I left a bag in the back of my car and they almost turned to that, put them in the fridge and it turned into one giant gummy bear,” read one comment.

Another user commented, “If you get a cookie-cutter and melt some inside you can make different gummy shapes. Although I don't know how edible sun melted and cooled gummies are.” To this the Twitter user replied and assured that they;re fine and he ate them too!

Here are some more reactions by Twitter users: