We were shocked out of our wits when we learned that making chocolate cake was actually a child’s play. All you needed was a packet of Oreo biscuit, milk and/or baking soda to whip up the cake of your dreams. Just crush the cookies, make a smooth batter by mixing it with milk and baking soda, bake it and you are done. Let’s not forget the countless times we made the Oreo cake in the lockdown, simply because there was nothing better or easier to do. It has been a year since we have been confined to our homes, the internet is brimming with ideas for those who love trying out cool new recipes and food trends. One such trend that has got everyone talking is the trend of Oreo Sushi. Yes, Oreo is now being beaten for something other than a cake and is being eaten as a maki roll and it looks like the Netizens are quite impressed.  

What Is An Oreo Sushi? How To Make It  

Oreo Sushi, looks quite like a Swiss Roll. It is ridiculously easy to make at home and once you get a hang of it, you won’t be eating Oreos in any other way.  

First off, you need to separate the cookies and the creamy layer in the middle with the help of a fork. Repeat the same with rest of the cookies in the packet. Take cookies in a ziplock pack and seal it from the top and crush the cookies inside using something heavy like a rolling pin, maybe? Now, transfer the crushed cookies in a bowl, mix it with milk until you get a fine paste. It should not be runny, but dough like and smooth. 

Next, place a plastic sheet on your countertop. Transfer the paste and flatten it out. It should be thin, but not too thin that it breaks when you roll it.  

Now go back to the cream you separated from the cookies, mix them up together with milk. On the top of the thin chocolate layer that you just rolled out, place this creamy layer.  

Finally, roll these two layers up like you roll up a sushi. Cut it in bite-sized chunks and enjoy. You can also dip them in chocolate fondue or sauce for a more ‘sushi-like’ experience.