Don't you have those moments when you come across cutesy home decor and furniture while scrolling through social media and wish you had it too? And internet has all sorts of interesting and unique things on it, people keep coming up with content that make us go 'awww'. Joining the list of our saved items is a tiny refrigerator that has caught the fancy of Twitter users. What's so special about a tiny refrigerator you ask? Well, it is shaped like a duck, in bright yellow colour and yet can fit-in everything from your cola bottles to a fruit bowl! One look at it and we bet you'll want one too. Take a look:

Isn't that too cute to resist? Sharing the pictures on Twitter, @blestallure wrote "I believe a duck-shaped fridge is the only thing missing in my room,” The post has close to 340k likes, 61.1 k retweets and about 2k comments and counting! In the photos, one can see a tiny refrigerator yellow in colour with an adorable design which made it look like a Duck, placed in the corner of a room. It was . While the head could open from the top to keep bowls and plates, the rest of the body of the duck fridge could open up in the front to store fruits, desserts, drinks and any other small items that would need to be refrigerated. The tiny duck fridge also come with lights inside.

Isn't it one of the most convenient and cute things we've come cross recently on social media? The unique duck-shaped fridge soon found a host of fans who left no chance to gush about it in the comments section. While some wanted to know where they could purchase the adorable mini fridge, others revealed about a bear option that's available too!

Some comments were quite hilarious, have a look: