From desserts like sevayian that are popular in South Asian households, especially in India and Pakistan, it can be used in soups as well as other savoury dishes. It’s a likeable choice for Vietnamese and Thai salads too. This salad gives you a fresh vegetable taste as well as helps you avoid rice that might add up to your calorie count.  

Vermicelli is low on fat but rich in carbs so it is best to consume it the healthiest way. And unlike the West, we don’t have Coleslaws on the side of our meals. But worry not, we’ve found this amazing South Asian noodle salad that is going to blow your minds away.  

Here’s the recipe for a quick and easy no-cook Vermicelli salad.  


- Cabbage juliennes  

- Carrot juliennes  

- Beans juliennes  

- Vermicelli  

- Sugar  

- Garlic 

- Soy Sauce  

- Vinegar  

- Chilli  

- Coriander  

- Green Onions  

- Oil  


1. Toss the vegetables in a jar with oil.  

2. Boil the vermicelli and strain it.  

3. Add it to the jar with soy sauce, chilli, coriander, sugar and green onions.  

4. Mix everything well.  

5. Your easy-breezy noodle salad is ready in minutes. 

The crunch of the veggies and the moist vermicelli make a great side salad with almost any dish, be chicken wings, shrimps or salmon. And the best part? It is just 170 calories so you can enjoy it guilt-free.