Homemade sabzis and their nutrition level are undoubtedly at the highest. Sabzis are always made with protein-rich vegetables so that one has a daily intake of nutritional food items. When it comes to healthy eating, vegetables are a great pick. They are packed with minerals, multivitamins, proteins and whatnot. When compared with the 1900s, nowadays, fewer people have opted for homemade, vegetable-rich food and have moved over to unhealthy eating of dishes and food items. Today, we have about three sabzis you can make using capsicum that is not just healthy and helps us to stay strong and fit, but is also tasty and tempting enough to lure you towards making them and hence helping including them in your daily diet.

1. Stuffed Capsicum ki sabzi 

Isn’t filling a veggie itself more fulfilling and healthy. Capsicums come in so many vibrant and fresh colours that their appearance is enough to leave you tempted and have them cook at home. We need potatoes that are first cooked or fried in masalas, spices, and desi ghee for the stuffing. After that, the capsicums are picked and chopped off from their head. You can always take different types of capsicum such as red, yellow and the usual green one to make your food more appealing. The potato stuffing is stuffed inside the capsicums and then fully cooked in a pan with oil. 

2. Besan Capsicum ki sabzi

Unlike other sabzis, besan capsicum ki sabzi is prepared in mustard oil. The making is relatively easy and simple. In a pan heated with oil, onions, masalas and chopped capsicum is sauteed together sprinkled with chillies and haldi. Just after having sauteed the above mixture, one needs to add tablespoons of besan according to desire. Then, capsicum coated with a fine bean is ready to serve and relish.

3. Capsicum curry

Capsicum curry is made in a rich gravy of tomatoes, chopped onions, chillies, and roasted capsicum, further dipped in the ginger paste, enhancing the flavour. This is one of the most commonly eaten sabzis prepared effortlessly within minutes and tastes so good. Capsicum curry is either eaten with rice, roti or paratha.