One of Goa’s major attractions besides its beach beauty lies in its drinks. One of them being Urak. A local light-alcoholic drink of Goa, Urak is the second most distillation of cashew apple. It is one of those refreshing drinks that is going to pull you out of the summer heat. Considered as a perfect pair with limca, salt, freshly squeezed lime juice and a chili to stir it all together. This lesser-known yet a traditional drink of Goa, is obviously famous throughout each and every village and part of Goa and is thoroughly enjoyed by the locals. Although not a lot of outsiders and visitors are familiar with the drink as compared to feni. But you’ll be surprised to know that Urak is a feni-based cocktail drink.The aromatic drink is only available in the summer until Goa welcomes its breathtaking monsoons. 

Where in Goa can you find this pungent yet tasty drink? 

We are here to help you know exactly where to find this exciting drink with much ease. While most Goan families are very much familiar with the entire process of making the drink as they have access to the needed cashew estates. They brew it and are generous enough to serve it to everyone around. If you’re in Goa or planning a trip you can find it in both north and south Goa at Vagator, Colva or Baga. Whether it's the capital city, Panjim or even Madgaon. You can pretty much find it in every cafe, shack and restaurant serving alcohol. 

Learn how to make Urak with us- 

  1. Take two-three tablespoons of cashew feni. 
  2. Fill up half your glass with whiskey and add some lemon juice or soda. 
  3. Add a pinch of salt and some ice cubes. 
  4. Urak drink is ready! 
  5. Don’t forget to serve over a green chili. 

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