Do you know what’s new, apart from strawberry, vanilla and chocolate? Unicorn. Yes, we are talking about flavours and unicorn is the new thing. It is popping up everywhere. Kids will be tempted to try it, thanks to the colour. Others will not be thrown off by it. It will take some people back to the days of watching Disney shows after school and wishing how much they’d gone to Disneyland. It also reminds one of the olden days when we gorged on vanilla or strawberry flavoured ice-creams, gems, licked away the cherries and sprinkles off the birthday cake, eating candy floss and so on. These are the moments that the grown-ups want to capture again. The trend literally means come, eat this when you feel nostalgic!  

The unicorn flavour has sentimental value. There could be a lot of whimsical variations in the category, as each brand tries to evoke the sentiments of its target audience. So perhaps, for Indians, the interpretation could be something like combining vanilla, strawberry, cotton candy, gems and ice cream; either all in one or pick and fuse. The question is: how very popular will the unicorn trend become in India?  

The unicorn trend will definitely find an audience. Apart from kids, the Gen-Z millennials who have memories of tasting other unicorn-flavoured things abroad will appreciate the treats. There are home-bakers who are surely giving flight to the unicorn trend by making rainbow cakes in the style of a unicorn. It is white, yet simple and elegant. Other brands combine three to four flavours of buttercream, and create art on the cakes, thus calling it a unicorn cake. Of course, these cakes can be customised as well, as per the request.  


And don’t we want to flock on the Instagram trend of posting these colourful treats? 

In times when everything is seeing a new avatar, can birthday cakes be left far behind? One cannot hate eating their favourite chocolate or pineapple cake, as it also holds a special place. But this unicorn cake might just be the most excellent offering in birthday treats.