She may have left acting for good in 2001, but the entertainment industry is far from getting over Twinkle Khanna and her inimitable candour. The former actress is now an established author. She has appeared on various talk shows and ad campaigns and has impressed us with her rib-tickling humour. The 47-year-old diva is quite a sensation on social media too. Her take on food, family and life in general are often accompanied by her signature witty style. On Wednesday, however, she gave us a food for thought that got us wondering. Off late, many nutritionists have been advising against tossing away the fruit peels, and Twinkle Khanna seems to be a proud advocate of that school of thought. On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself with two orange rinds. In the caption she wrote, “A secret-I eat citrus peels as well, orange peels have more fibre than the fleshy fruit.” Further, she wrote how she also likes to use powdered rinds as a natural body scrub. The idea of repurposing and zero-waste life is gaining quite some momentum nowadays.

Image instagrammed by @twinklerkhanna

Here are a few convincing reasons why you shouldn’t toss away those peels.  

  1. Citrus peels are brimming with immunity-boosting Vitamin C
  2. They are also an incredible source of bone-building calcium
  3. The anti-inflammatory properties of these peels also help ease discomfort caused due to internal injury of infection.
  4. They can do wonders for your skin owing to their antioxidant properties.
  5. The high fibre content in the peels. helps regulate your digestion too.  

Peels can be used to make citrus peel tea

That’s about the benefits, but how do you really bring it to use? Here are some ideas:

  1. Make citrus peel tea. Throw the peels in a vessel full of water, let it brew, strain, serve and sweeten with honey.
  2. You can also enjoy candied orange peels every time those sugar cravings hit you.
  3. Another zest-ful idea would be to slice them up thin and use it up in your cakes and puddings. Orange zest can elevate most of the desserts by bringing their own strong flavour to the mix.  
  4. They can also be used for salad dressings
  5. You sun-dry bunch of these peels, and then powder it to make your home-made mask or scrub.  

Love the ideas? We are all ears for more.