Where do you think you can find the best Indian food in the world? If you thought India, you perhaps echoed the thoughts of gazillion Indians, in the country and abroad. You also have company in the desi Twitterati who were outraged after a tweet from a popular business portal declared New York City as the best place to have the best Indian food. The article with the headline "New York Now Has Better Indian Food Than London," was shared on Twitter by the portal and said, "The world's best Indian food is in New York City." in its caption. And soon enough, Indian Twitter users were in rage. They called out the article and found the tweet to be biased. Take a look at what the portal tweeted:

The article in question, however, compared the Indian cuisine restaurants in London with that to the New York City. Several Twitter users even questioned survey methods that the portal used to draw such a conclusion. Some stated how diverse India is as a country with different types of cuisines and no other country in the world could surpass the country of the cuisine’s origin. Garnering close to 635 ‘Quote Tweets’, the reactions ranged from agitated to downright hilarious.

A Twitter user named Unbiased Defenestrator commented on the article and said “What a brainless article... best Indian food is in Indian homes made by our mothers, and in Indian streets... Indian food in NYC must not be having even 10% of that available here (sic)” Another Twitter user, Chirag Wakaskar, said how the best "Indian" food is always in the small nooks and corners in cities & towns of India. Another user, AD, echoed the thoughts and further wrote  ”The cuisine this article states belongs to the elite star endorsed Guide Michelin, which has nothing in common with the Indian cuisine. "La meilleure nouvelle cuisine indienne" in NY. Fixed that.

Some other users had rather witty, hilarious and even sarcastic take on the article too. Rahul Roushan retweeted the post and wrote “And best Chinese food is in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad” while another user said “Of course. How could the world’s best Indian food be in India?”.  Some hilarious memes also made it to the thread. Take a look:

A user named, Vishweshwar Dev had another witty outtake on what Indian food actually means to foreigners. He pointed out their intolerance for Indian spices and their bland version of Indian cuisine.