While Kashmir has been the bone of contention between the two countries, India and Pakistan for long now, we have to admit that there is a reason why this union territory has always been in the talks. The royal history of this region has not been hidden from us. After the reign of Hindus, it was under the governance of a Muslim monarchy. Over the years, as the history was being written so was the experimentation in the kitchen. 

Wazwan is the most famous of Kashmiri cuisine. For the uninitiated, Wazwan is a lavish Kashmiri meal, consisting of several courses, from seven to 36. Served it a huge platter called traem, it is full of meat-based dishes like rishta and gushtaba. Traditionally, people are made to sit in groups of four on the floor with a low-lying table on which the traem is placed. Everyone eats together from the same plate, similar to the Thali tradition. 

Tujji Chicken

Source: Marrryam/Instagram

Among the several dishes that form a part of the Wazwan, one special dish is the Tujji Chicken. Think of it as an appetizer. It belongs to the family of seekh kebabs which are popular in Kashmiri cuisine. The tender chicken is special because of the ingredients that go into its making. Tracing the origins of this delectable starter, one can find that it is deep-rooted in the Kashmiri royal family. Although the exact origins of the dish are unknown, the reason for its distinct taste is pretty clear. 

Losing Out On A Special Recipe

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The Kashmiri red chilies and aniseed powder do all the magic. The marinated chicken is set on a tandoor or barbeque to be roasted to perfection. This can be relished alongside a creamy dip. However, the sad part is that it is disappearing from the culinary scape now. In the face of several types of modern-day kebabs and grilled varieties with fancy marinations, the humble Tujji Chicken is struggling to maintain its charm.