Weight loss can be a harrowing task if you start following everything you read on the internet. It is important to be informed, but an overpour of information can actually do more harm than good. In times like these, it is sometimes a good idea to revisit age-old advises that have stood the test of time, one of them being- ‘eat a light dinner’. ‘Eat light, eat right and sleep tight’ is the motto we have lived by all these years, here are some other expert tips that you can follow during the evenings to keep your weight in check.  

1. Eating Too Late In The Night: It is always advisable to have an early dinner. This provides ample time for your body to digest the food before you hit the sack. If you try to crash right after eating, you would always have trouble falling asleep, as the metabolisation of sugars would keep you awake. Poor digestion is one of the major reasons of weight gain.  

2. Eating Too Much Salt: Eating foods that are high in salt tends to promote water retention. Try to balance out the sodium by adding more potassium –rich foods in your diet. Spinach, beets, beans etc,  

3. Not Planning The Dessert: We understand, some people just cannot do without desserts- so plan it well. You can whip yourself a healthy dessert, for instance a healthy parfait with lots of nuts and berries. Instead of sugar you can use natural sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup or jaggery. Eat your dessert in small portions, and you are good.  

4. Not Having A Balanced Meal: It is a good idea to eat light during the evening, but that does not mean you forget about your nutrients. Your dinner should be an ideal mix of protein, good fats and fibre. You can make healthy swaps, for instance you can ditch maida for healthy flours like whole wheat, jowar or ragi. Eat as many seasonal vegetables as you can for fibre and antioxidants.  

5. Not measuring portions: Try and eat from plates of same size everyday so that you do not end up eating more or less. It is also a good idea to keep the plate size small. Larger plates tend to make you feel that you have eaten less and you don’t think twice to get up for the second or third helping. Listen to your tummy, and eat in controlled portions.  

Try these tips and see the effect yourself. Stay safe and stay healthy.