Canadian cuisine goes beyond the syrups and Tim Hortons to give you a glimpse of American, British and French influences. With every region, you’ll find a new kind of Canadian cuisine on the menu. We have jotted down some of the most popular delicacies from the Canadian Culinaire. 

1. Beaver Tails  

Round with a hole in the middle is like the apt description of a donut. Have you ever tried flattened donuts? Beaver Tails were originally deep-fried in the shape of a beaver’s tail, dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Today, you’ll find them wrapped in everything from nutella, chocolate and other sweet tit bits.  

2. Poutine  

Another word apart from maple syrup that usually people associate with Canada is poutine. Largely, gravy-based fries, poutine is a heaven for fries' lovers since you get your choice of protein along with the fries. It’s so special for them that there are poutine festivals held annually. 

3. Caesar  

Cocktail enthusiasts will be taken by surprise with the first bite of Caesar. Why do we say so? You might have had a plethora of cocktails but this concoction of tomato juice and clams' juice with some Worcestershire will knock you off in the first go. Be sure to have some hangover remedies in place.  

4. Tourtière 

Canadians have a sweet tooth. But they love their meat too. What to do? Create a Tourtière. A favourite in the Quebec region of the country, Tourtière  is a pie stuffed with lots of meat and spices and that crunch will land you into a whole other world.  

5. Butter Tarts  

Who says you just have donuts and pancakes for dessert? If you didn’t have butter tarts on your Canadian vacation, book a flight right away. Words fall short when you start to think about this sugary and creamy egg-based flaky pastry.  

Also, while you are at it, do try some three-layered Nanaimo Bars because you wouldn’t want to miss out anything right?