From Honey chilly lotus stem to lotus stem gravy, adding lotus stem to anything and everything makes it just lip-smacking. Apart from taste, this is also a very healthy substitute for several other vegetables that contain a lot of calories. Kamal Kakdi offers a wide range of vitamins and minerals that can be great for your health.  

Try these 4 Lotus Recipes recipes and you’ll surely love them.  

1. Honey Chilly Lotus Stem  

If you are ever craving for chilly potato and don’t feel like indulging in too many calories, try substituting it with Lotus stem. Dip the stems in corn flour and fry them like potatoes. Add your sauce, onions etc. And crispy honey kamal kakdi is ready.  

 2. Fish curry lotus stem  

This is a Kashmiri delicacy that is surely going to make you fall in love with lotus stem. Fish and lotus stem are cooked together in a spicy Kashmiri gravy that has lots of special spices.  

 3. Tangy Lotus Stem  

Indians love achaar, don’t we? And we have a habit of adding that tangy flavour to all our veggies, be it carrot, radish, mangoes etc. Try making a pickle with lotus stem this time. Cook the lotus stem with salt, sugar and water. Then add it to a bowl with some vinegar and onions. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.  

4. Nadru Yakhni  

Nadru, in Kashmiri, means Lotus stem. This is a creamy affair with the kamal kakdi that was being made spicy till now. A yoghurt-based gravy and tendered spices lend this dish a scrumptious taste and look.  

Ever thought Kamal Kakdi could make some wonderful dishes? Now go and try them.