Perhaps the idea of making a cake with sushi puts people off. But they misunderstand this delightful speciality; sushi is at the centre of the recipe because this is a savoury cake. Whether that stack upon pickles, omelette or sushi rice, what really makes this dish agreeable on the stomach for you is the fact that this sushi cake ends up in parties and family unions in Tokyo. 

The most expensive sushi cakes use ikura or salmon roe, and perhaps use so much of it that the slices of otoro or tuna on the surface of the cake are enough to make you hungry. However, you can also mix everything with the vinegar rice at the bottom or eat individual components separately. That is why the flavour and quality of ingredients should always be really good so that no matter what the diner chooses to do, the sushi cake is always in a good spotlight. Building a beautiful sushi cake is a work of detail. So you may find yourself occupied as you meticulously create the process. It takes patience to come up with a really extraordinary masterpiece. 

Here’s what you need, if you are ready for the challenge: the basic ingredient for sushi cake is sushi rice, which has to be seasoned well. It is, after all, the main ingredient here. What you choose for the filling is for you to decide. One can use anything from cucumbers, edamame, mushrooms to prawns, avocado, and crab meat. For garnish, one can always put microgreens and sesame seeds. 

Perhaps you are thinking of making the sushi cake at home or ordering it, the trend of tomorrow in metropolitan cities is a sushi cake; at least if we go by how the Japanese, Korean and Chinese food trends have started to rule the food space. The activity of making sushi cake is enjoyable on its own. The purpose is to immerse in everything beyond the place we call home, all the while learning about the culture and history of sushi in Japan. 

If you are a pro already, do share your sushi cakes with friends and family!