Tracing its origin in the Kakori district of Lucknow, Kakori kebabs are known for their smooth texture, mouth-watering flavour and aroma. One of the crucial discoveries of the Awadhi cuisine, Kakori Kebabs, is usually known as the softer version of the famous Seekh Kebab and generally served with naan or rumali roti Kakori Kebabs grill over a fire in skewers that gives them a distinct smoky flavour. But do you know that they have a fascinating history too? Here’s how they came into existence.

Legend has it that the Kakori Kebabs came into existence due to an offence to the Awadhi cuisine by a British official. The then Lord of Kakori district, Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi, invited a British official for a feast in the summer season. He ordered his khansaamas to served the best of delicacies to the British officer. The Nawab didn’t leave a single stone unturned to serve the officer as he was known for his khaatirdari. However, the Nawab was taken aback, and all his hospitality went to waste when the officer complained about the chewy texture of the Seekh Kebabs served to him. This remark offended the Nawab to a large extent, and he immediately ordered his khaansaamas and rakabdars to create a unique version of the Kebabs that could restore his injured self-respect and fame. The Khansamas began working and experimenting with the recipe and the technique to make Seekh Kebabs with a smoother texture and distinct flavour profile. Taking advantage of the season, the Khansaamas decided to experiment by adding the flesh of the famous ‘Maliabali’ mangoes to the minced meat mixture. To their surprise, the mangoes acted as a meat tenderizer and gave the mixture a tender and smoother texture. This is how the Khaansamas made the famous Kakori kebabs that became popular all over the world.

It is also believed that the Khansaamas of Kakori invented the technique of adding raw fruits like papaya and mangoes to tenderize the meat. With their mixed spices, scrumptious aroma and smooth texture, Kakori Kebabs are everybody’s favourite. You can serve Kakori Kebabs with a mint and coriander chutney along with flatbread for a delicious Awadhi dinner.