Go to your friend's grand wedding or visit your society's function during Durga Puja, one thing you will always find there is a chow mein stall. Chow mein is one of the most famous street foods in India. The easy availability of chow mein in India and its wide popularity in the country can make anyone believe that chow mein was originated in India. However, that's not the case and that's easy to figure out by its name. Cow mein is something that is omnipresent in India and has easily found a place in the local's hearts. 

Like us, do you also intrigued to know the history behind chow mein and its immense popularity? If yes, read further. 

How did chow mein come to India?

It is believed that a large number of Chinese migrants who came to India in 1930s took shelter in Calcutta. They influenced the cuisine of the region majorly and introduced various Chinese foods including chow mein to the Bengali people. Present-day Kolkata has many Chinese settlers and Chinese restaurants. By the 60s and 70s, the chow mein became extremely popular. So much so that a Kali temple in the China Town, Kolkata serves noodles and some other Chinese foods as prasad.

This clearly means chow mein doesn't have its origin in India. It is a Chinese dish that India has adopted and made its own version of the dish. Chow mein has made a place in Indian minds and hearts as well.

Chow Mein's Current Popularity

Chinese cuisine and especially dishes like chow mein and Manchurian are so famous that people have now started to experiment with them and do fusion. Indian Chinese is a thing in the country now. American Chinese cuisine and Japanese Chinese cuisine are also a thing.