Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, the food is a culmination of its historical and geographical location.  


If you are visiting Greece, then you shouldn’t leave without trying these 5 Mediterranean specialties.  


  1. Moussaka  


This is a baked savory that is rich in aubergines, lamb, tomatoes, garlic and lots of spices like cinnamon. Potatoes, along with some cheese and bechamel sauce add a special Mediterranean quotient to the dish. An interesting thing about this dish is that it can taste as good the next day, even when reheated.  


  1. Taramasalata  


At first, this might not look very appetising as it is made from a cured fish roe, something that is found only in Greece. That lends the starchy dip, a gray yellow color which is not the best thing that catches the eye. The dip is made from soaked breadcrumbs and potatoes along with some olive oil and lime juice. As hard as it may be to pronounce, this is one the classic dips of Greece.  


  1. Bougatsa  


A sweet dish hailing from the region of Thessalonikki, this is pastry covered in sweet custard made of semolina. The crunchy delight is a great accompaniment with an evening coffee.  


  1. Souvlaki  


Grilled meat sold off the skewers is what makes Souvlaki so different from the rest of the kebabs. This is easier to eat on the go and sometimes, can be stuffed into a pita bread wrap too with some tzatziki (yoghurt dip).  


  1. Keftedes  


Sounds familiar? Drawing from the Mughal kofte, not just in name but also in cooking, this lamb minced meat balls, fried in olive oil, are a really popular starter of the Greek cuisine. Children in Greece are particularly fond of keftedes, be it lamb or pork.  


Given their climate and vegetation, did you notice the wide use of olive oil in all the Greek delicacies?