Inspired by their French and Spanish neighbours, the State’s architecture speaks about the major influences. The Age of Exploration paved the way for modifications and alterations in the Portuguese food. Travellers from different regions brought several food items with them; new fruits, plants and nuts were introduced in the Portuguese cuisine.  

Here are some of the most famed dishes of Portugal that you must try.  

1. Bacalhau  

Honoured as the national dish of the country, Bacalhau is nothing but salted and dried cod. This has been a favourite since the 16th century when the sailors discovered this way of sustaining their catch for a long journey. This faithful friend can be cooked in such varied ways that you’ll fall short of days in a year.  

2. Feijioada

This is a delicious bean stew that is prepared with beef or pork. Feijioa refers to beans in Portuguese and this amazing culmination of garlic, onion, paprika other spices along with vegetables is just the mood you need for rainy winters in Portugal.  

3. Sardines  

Grilled in open-fire and seasoned with sea salt, these small fish are eaten directly off the bone. With a crispy outer layer and a meaty white flesh on the inside, they are the ultimate comfort food for the Portuguese. No wonder they celebrate it with a huge Sardine Festival in Lisbon every year.  

4. Cozido a Portuguesa

Bacalhau was a seafood national dish whereas Cozido a Portuguesa is a meat-based national dish that makes for a tasty dinner stew. Boiled sausages, vegetables and spices are put together to prepare this delicacy. However, at every step you find a new variation.  

Seafood and meat govern the Portuguese diet, given its topography. This Mediterranean cuisine is a hub for exotic meat lovers, charming you every second with its variety.