Cooking is an art and it takes diligence to perfect it. Many of us have been in the situation where we have tried to whip up a perfect dish. But later find out that it’s too salty to gobble down. The first thing that might have come to your mind was to toss them in trash. And we believe that it was a painful experience since you cooked the dish with a lot of effort and love. Salt has an overpowering taste and if you play with it too generously, then the dish can turn into a disaster. Moreover, it also dampens the food, so you have to be careful with it. If you are a novice at cooking then your fingers might help you a lot, as a pinch of salt goes a long way. Additionally, you can also add and adjust salt in regular intervals while preparing the dish. This method will ensure that you won’t add excess salt in the dishes. However, if you still put up a dish which is salty, then fear not my friend. We have got you, and have brought you some of the genius hacks to lessen the taste of salt in your dishes. This way you don’t have to waste the food and won’t have to cry for your ardent efforts. 

1. Raw Potato

This vegetable is quite handy and can help you to solve your problem. Just cut a few slices of the potato and toss them into the curry. The rawness of the potato slices will soak the excess salt from the dish. Let it sit in the curry for at least 20-30 minutes.

2. Fresh Cream

Fresh cream has a neutral taste, thus if you add it into the gravy, then it will mix with the dish. And you won't even know that the dish was salty.

3. Curd

Curd is available in every Indian household. If you don’t have access to fresh cream, then curd will do the work for you. Just add one tablespoon of curd into the dish and cook it for a couple of seconds. It will remove the taste of excess salt and will also add a creamy texture to your sapid dish. 

4. Flour Balls

In this you just have to make small balls out of your wheat (atta) dough and throw them into the curry. Keeping the quantity of curry in mind, make 4-5 balls and let them soak in the dish. Remember to remove these balls before gorging upon your curry.

5. Vinegar And Sugar

Fight the salt with sour and sugar. Just add one tablespoon of sugar along with a tablespoon of vinegar to the dish to balance out all the flavours. This method is effective as vinegar is sour and sugar is sweet, this will add flavours to the dish, while removing the taste of excessive salt from the curry.