Aren’t we all just tired of finding the most appropriate ways to remove facial hair? Tons of products are available in the market and let’s admit it, we’ve tried them all. While some don’t give a very clean finish, others tend to cause some kind of rashes and allergies. Visiting the salon in this pandemic is also a risky choice. However, we don’t want to step out with so much facial hair too. 

Why don’t we look for something at home only, right? Your kitchen is replete with ingredients that are not there to just sit and watch you cook. Apart from adding taste to your dishes, they can work wonders for your skin too. So, let us begin the search hunt then. 

1. Oatmeal + Bananas 

Don’t go bananas over the excess facial hair growth. Take some ripe bananas and mash them with oatmeal to form a paste that can be massaged on the required areas. Wash off with cold water after 15 minutes and you’ll see all your hair gone and a glowing skin. 

2. Lemon + Honey 

When life gives you lemons, don’t just sit there and make lemonade. Grab sliced lemons, add some honey and sugar to give you a natural paste that can act as a waxing mix. Pull the waxing strips and Voila! All hair gone naturally and moisture retained too.

3. Egg White + Cornstarch 

Eat your eggs for breakfast and apply them too. Firstly, acne-prone skins can skip this method as it would only escalate the problem. For others, take some egg whites and mix cornstarch and sugar in it. This thin egg layer that sticks to your skin, helps in removing the excess facial hair. Peel off when it dries up. 

4. Turmeric + Papaya 

With immense benefits for the stomach, papaya is one of the few fruits that is great for exfoliating the skin too. Grind the papaya and add turmeric to it. Apply this paste twice a week on affected areas and rinse with cold water for perfect results. 

Easy, right? Who needs a salon when your kitchen is sufficient for you. 

NOTE: Please be careful about your allergies before applying anything on your face.