Food is an art and experimenting with it is the only way we can master this art form. Nowadays, we come across new recipes trending on social media every now and then. Most of these recipes are really pretty amazing if you do try them. Recently one of the ongoing trends which caught our attention is that of the ‘tornado omelette’. If you are wondering what a violent thunderstorm has got to do with our humble omelette? Then we must tell you that it is just the shape of the dish which is behind the unique nomenclature. Everyone is familiar with omelette, we know how easy it is to make them, all it takes is just a handful of ingredients and a pan. They are our saviour whenever we want to gorge upon something quick and fulfilling.  

What’s different about the tornado omelette, is the technique of making them. In this video on reddit posted by r/oddlysatisfying, you can see for yourself how this omelette is prepared. At first it might seem like a normal omelette recipe, but as we progress further in the video, the whole ‘tornado thing’ comes to make sense. We can see clearly in the video that the person is putting a ladle of whisked eggs into the greased pan. After swirling the batter all around the pan, he/she further continues to twist and twirl the eggs from the middle, creating a whirlwind-effect with the help of chopsticks. The person in the video is doing it so effortlessly yet precisely, that it almost seems magical.  Before ending the video, he/she carefully places the tornado omelette on top of the mound of fried rice. If you are feeling extra and want to do something new in your kitchen, this is perhaps something that you can try. 

Some Tips:

  • A small non-stick pan is essential for this kind of omelette.
  • Grease the pan generously and cook it over medium to high flame.
  • Chopsticks are the best way to give a perfect shape to this tornado omelette.