We’ve got a delightful one right there that might be different from the ones you’ve tried. A bowl full of chicken biryani is a heart-stealer for many. A meal of happiness with succulent chicken chunks, biryani is a spiced mix of chicken and rice added with aromatic spices that taste heavenly. The joy of digging in a plate full of biryani is unparalleled especially when it comes to trying out smoky flavoured chicken biryani. Here’s the recipe for smoky flavoured chicken biryani. 



  1. Curd 

  2. Ginger garlic paste 

  3. Fried onion paste 

  4. Fired inino ( veressa) 

  5. Green chilli paste 

  6. Cumin powder 

  7. Turmeric powder 

  8. Garam Masala 

  9. Chunked coriander 

  10. Chunked mint 

  11. ghee 

  12. Salt 

  13. Lemon 

  14. Pinch of sugar/ honey 

  15. Bay leaves 


  1. Take curd in a pan, add onion, garlic paste, green chilli paste, salt to taste and a pinch of turmeric powder. Marinate the chicken in it for 45 minutes. 

  2. Meanwhile, soak 1 cup of rice in two cups of water. Soak the same for 45 minutes too.  

  3. Then cook the rice, in order to do so take a big pan and add ghee into it. Also add bay leaves, mint, cardamom, black peppercorn, ginger garlic paste. Boil rice on low flame. Keep it aside 

  4. Now take a big pan, in the ghee add shahi jeera, bay leaves, 1 tablespoon lemon, a slice of onion, ginger garlic paste, chilli paste, garam masala, cardamom, cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar. 

  5. Saute the same and when the onion turns pinkish in colour add the marinated chicken to the pan and cook for approximately 15 minutes. Also, add half a cup of curd for gravy. 

  6. For a smoky flavour, add coal to a pan. When it starts to heat, pour ghee into it, when smoke appears to come out of it quickly add marinated chicken and cover it. 

  7. Again, take another big pan, grease it with clarified butter. Add the cooked rice as the first layer and add another layer of chicken, again add another layer of rice.  

  8. Now in a bowl of milk add kesar. Soak the saffron in milk. On the upper layer of rice, pour the kesar. Again fry the onions for garnishing 

  9. Your smoky flavoured chicken is ready. 

We highly recommend you to try indulging in the royal taste and experience our favourite smoky flavoured chicken biryani.