Spinach is such a beautiful pantry staple. I enjoy putting it in so many dishes such as soups, curries, smoothies and salad bowls. But as much as I want to make spinach an integral part of my diet, I struggle with storing it. I don’t know how many times it happens with everyone who takes responsibility for grocery shopping while someone else cooks. I do repel the flavour of bad spinach, and more importantly, I hate to waste it. Usually, if a bunch of spinach is lying smack in the fridge, I’ll think of something to do with it to bring out the tasty flavours. But I have days when I forget about spinach, and end up regretting that those beautiful leaves turned black. So, to avoid despair, I simply avoid buying it. But I finally came to my senses and realised that instead of eliminating such a nutrient-rich food from my life, I need to practice caution. It wasn’t a gigantic mistake, but a silly one! If you are struggling to store spinach — here’s what you might be doing wrong too.  

I asked my mother why spinach ends up rotting in spite of the fact that I try to store it in a Ziploc bag. She told me that I was being really silly for thinking that spinach would last me weeks and weeks; and that I had to eat it up within a week. Then, she told me that there was something else I could do to increase the shelf life by a day or two. Here’s the hack —

Photo: Chiara Conti

Before you put the spinach in the fridge, transfer it directly into the Ziploc bag. A lot of us may end up washing the spinach before putting it in a Ziploc bag. My mother advised me against it. She also told me that putting the spinach in the lowest compartment of the fridge might help to keep it in good condition.

Also, it’s really important to eat it up while you can!