Pineapples are easily available and one of the best choices when you want a refreshing change from the regular lemonade. The antioxidants are a plus point when it comes to eating this tropical fruit and not to forget, it's great for weight loss and rich in Vitamin C too. From bad breath to indigestion, we doubt there’s anything that a few leaves of mint can’t solve. Combine the two and you get a refreshing drink that makes you feel fresh and energized.   

If you are looking to refresh yourself after a long day, sip on this pineapple mint punch and get all the beachy vibes at home!   


  • Pineapple (diced)   
  • Mint leaves   
  • Lemon (sliced)  
  • Honey/Sugar syrup   
  • Ice Cubes   
  • Salt  

How to prepare it?   

  • Take some diced pineapples and add them to a jar.   
  • Drop-in a few mint leaves and lemon slices to this.   
  • Muddle all of this together so that the juice churns out well.   
  • Pour some sugar syrup into this and mix well. You can make sugar syrup by stirring sugar in a bowl of water over medium flame. You can also replace this with honey for a healthier version.   
  • Pour this into your drinking glass and fill it up with cold water.   
  • Pop some ice cubes and place a small pineapple slice on the edge of the glass. This will give a beach-like touch to your drink.   

NOTE: When cutting the pineapples, make sure to remove the hard center and then peel and dice the rest of the pineapple for the drink.