The two things that Punjabis are most known for are their butter chicken and lassi. No matter how hungry you are, a tall glass of this creamy drink can satiate you completely. Lassi is like a staple drink of the region and is usually relished during breakfast. Till now, we used to believe that if you want to drink the best lassi, you should head to Punjab. Seems like we’ve got some competition now. 

If you have ever been to Jodhpur, you would have definitely come across Mishri lal’s Makhaniya lassi. A local beverage of this Rajasthani city, Makhaniya lassi totally lives up to its name, in terms of its creamy and buttery taste and texture. Does that mean it is a replica of the Punjabi variety? Not really. 

What makes Makhaniya Lassi so different? 

Source: Mud Gupt/Instagram

Firstly, the lassi is served in a kulhad and often referred to as Makhaniya Kulhad lassi. For the uninitiated, kulhad is a clay pot that is generally used to serve drinks like chai or even curd (mishit doi).  The Rajasthanis enjoy their lassi in a kulhad, which keeps the drink cool for longer. 

What goes into making the drink? 

Flavoured with rose water and saffron, this thick and heavy lassi is not a cakewalk to finish. The generous layers of yoghurt cream and hung curd which you find floating on top is finished off with pistachios and cardamom seeds. If you think you can drink this lassi directly from the kulhad, you must be kidding. It is so thick that it is best eaten with a spoon, scooping out the creamy layers with the crunch of nuts here and there. 

Now that we’ve made you drool, here is a lassi recipe that you can enjoy while the summers last.