The Great Khali is one of the biggest names in the history of world wrestling. Post his debut in WWE in 2006, his feud with Undertaker and a lot many accolades made him a household name and at par with some of the biggest legends of wrestling. But behind an enormous body of 7 foot 1, is a man of few words and simplicity that is making everyone melt on social media these days. Khali or Dalip Singh Rana has been pretty active on Instagram these days and fans have been in complete awe of him!


Khali posts several videos and pictures of him. Right from exercising and yoga, to just going about his usual day, his videos are in the rawest form, with all his authenticity. And that has perhaps what endeared his fans the most, who throng his posts with comments that varies from sweet to outright bizarre. All of it simply because they love how unscripted, candid and innocent Khali is in his videos, a straight contrast from the age of influencer content. It is in one of these lovely videos, that we came across one where Khali can be seen noshing upon an Indian comfort meal, which he revealed he loves the most! Can you guess? 

As simple as his videos the meal had nothing but a simple mix of dal, rice and ghee mixed together like a khichdi along with a glass of lassi! “That’s my favourite, rice, dal, lassi aur milake ghee.”, he says in the video while slurping it directly from the plate itself. “Bahaut Tasty Hai” he says in the video! And we cannot agree more. A simple, wholesome meal of rice with dal, topped with ghee always manage to comfort our souls. But what is it exactly about it that even a world wrestling champion can’t get enough if it? 

Firstly, it is a perfect one-pot meal that is quick and easy to make. It packs in all the nutritional benefits of dal into one meal, which is light and easy on the stomach since it is lightly stomach and easy to digest. Besides all of that, it is irresistibly delicious when topped with ghee! A little amount if ghee is better than oodles of refined oil and instantly up the tasty quotient. 

You can make this wonderful potion at home too! Click here for the khichdi recipe.