Our fathers have taught us some of the essential things in our lives, like riding a bicycle, driving a car, helping with math, and many more things. This father's day, it's time to give back! Put on your baking hat and treat your father with a delicious Tiramisu! Also, as it's a special day for your main man, we can't just use any rum. It only fits to use one of the best premium rums globally, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, made public in India, exclusively by Monika Enterprises.

Ingredients needed:

  • Mascarpone Cheese - 150gm
  • Whipping Cream - 150gm
  • Savoiardi Biscuits - 200gm
  • Icing Sugar - 110gm
  • Espresso - 1 Cup
  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva - 50ml
  • Cocoa Powder - to dust on top


  1. Brew some fresh espresso. Add sugar to sweeten it and let it cool down mildly. Later, add the rum to the syrup and combine.
  2. For the Tiramisu filling, add softened mascarpone cheese in a bowl and add icing sugar. Mix them well. Next, the whipped cream goes in; gently fold it in and combine. Set it aside once the mixture is thoroughly combined.
  3. To put together the tiramisu, soak the savoiardi biscuits in the espresso + rum syrup for 2 to 3 seconds and arrange them all over the base of your serving dish. Layer the biscuits with the mascarpone filling, spread it evenly. Repeat the method a few times and then dust some cocoa powder over the top covering all the white spaces.
  4. Please put it in the fridge to set for an hour. Once it's set, dust the Tiramisu with another layer of cocoa powder and garnish with some coffee beans. Finally, carve a large serving and relish!

If your father feels that the Tiramisu is not boozy enough, you could always pour him a peg of the classic rum for the added buzz.