Sure, you may have tried many delicate and complicate chocolate desserts by now. Broken many chocolate bombs, cut into multiple chocolate lava cakes, watched your pastry getting flambeed on your table; but there is something about simple, no-fuss desserts that continues to hold its charm. Something like a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream with dense and chocolatey brownie. Slurping already, aren’t you? We don’t blame you. The combination is so classic after all. Did you know you can also easily make it at home? Chef Rahul Chahar from Vivanta, New Delhi, Dwarka schools us how.

Here’s the easy-peasy recipe of chocolate brownie Sundae for your random, intense chocolate cravings.  


How To Make Vanilla Ice Cream:

  • Cream - 400 gm
  • Milk -100 ml
  • Egg yolk - 3
  • Glucose- 45 gm
  • Vanilla Bean- 1
  • Castor Sugar - 80 gram
  • Milk Powder- 25 Grams

Method :

1. Very carefully pour milk, cream, glucose, milk powder, and sugar in a small saucepan.  

2. Now cut vanilla beans in half lengthwise, and with the help of a knife or a spoon scrape it into the saucepan.

3. Heat the milk on medium flame. Allow it to steam.  

4. Now take another bowl and whisk some egg yolks, pour it into the milk mixture, keep whisking the hot mixture until blended.

5. Turn off the heat, allow this mixture to cool for 10 minutes

6. Pour this mixture in ice cream machine for 45 minutes.

7. Now let is freeze in deep-freezer for an hour at least.

How To Make Brownie


  • Butter - 150 gm
  • Sugar - 150 gm
  • Egg - 2
  • Refined Flour -62 gm 
  • Baking Powder - 1 gm 
  • Baking Soda - 1 gm 
  • Cocoa Powder - 5 gm 
  • Dark Chocolate -50 gm 


1. In a pan add butter and let it melt on medium heat. 

2. Once butter is melted add melted chocolate to it. 

3. Next, take a mixing bowl and add egg and sugar. 

4. Combine the butter mixture and the egg mixture. Mix well. 

5. Mix in all the dry ingredients to this mixture with the help of spatula. 

6. Take a baking mould, grease it with oil or butter, add the brownie batter 

7. Bake it at 180c for 35 minutes. 

How To Assemble The Dessert: 

1. Take a Sundae glass, take one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and layer it in the glass.

2. Take some chocolate chips and sprinkle over the ice cream.

3. Repeat the same with brownie and cookie crumbs.

4. Finish your Sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and walnuts. Some nuts and cherries would also be a good idea.  

Your Sundae is ready, indulge away!