Originated in China, the salty brown sauce known as shoyu is made by a fermented paste of soybeans, roasted grains, and brine in saltwater. Traditionally soy sauce takes months to years for perfection. Soy sauce brands that are available in the market have a high amount of sodium in them, which negatively impacts our health. Fortunately, you can make your own soy sauce at home with just a few ingredients. Here is how you can make soy sauce at home but before that know how you can use it across delicacies.   

How To Use Soy Sauce: 

Soy sauce can be used as a seasoning as it lends a layer of umami flavours. You can use it in simple fried eggs, fried rice, soups marinades, and sauteed vegetables. Soy Sauce Recipe


  • 1200 grams dry soybeans (white or beige) 
  • 1200 grams wheat grains 
  • 8 grams aspergillus Oryzae (shoyu Misu Koji is the best) 
  • For Brine: 
  • 800 grams sea salt/rock salt 
  • 4 liters water  


  • Pressure cooker  
  • Glass fermenter with an airtight lid 


  1. First, soak the soybean for 24 hours, allow them to swell double their size before cooking.  
  2. Drain the excess water and pressure cook it for 90 minutes (add just enough water so that it becomes soft rather than drying out). When they become soft, allow them to cool.  
  3. Roast the wheat in an over or a pot till it becomes red and brittle. Put it in a grinder to make a coarsely of broken wheat (just like daliya). 
  4. Mix both the ingredients and allow them to cool at room temperature.  
  5. Now sprinkle koji over it and place it in a clean wide covered tray to set koji in it. Remember to maintain the temperature between 30-35 degrees celsius (not too high and not too low). Stay at this temperature for 2 days.  
  6. During the 2 days, try to mix everything for 3 - 4 hours, to get the koji spread over the beans and to break the clumps.  
  7. Once all the grains are covered with the white koji growth then it’s time to transfer them to brine.  
  8. Mix the salt and water to the brine and submerge all the beans in the solution. Cover it and set aside the mixture for 5-6 minutes in the dark area/ basement.  
  9. After 6 months, filter the solution. The solution will have a golden brown to orange color.  
  10. Transfer them into a glass bottle, and keep them in sunlight for another 3-4 months. Filter it again, if you see floating debris or sediment.  
  11. The color will again change, it will start darkening. Once the colour and flavour suit like a soy sauce. Then you can transfer this condiment to the refrigerator.  

Your soy sauce is ready to use in your choice of dishes.