Talk of street food and Indians are upping the game everyday. Not just new delicacies, Indian street food vendors have come up with unique and interesting ways to give the existing dishes a spin. Just recently, we came across a viral video of an ice gola in Surat which weighed 5kg and had close to everything from cream, nuts, mawa, ice cream, chocolate and different syrups poured all over it. We also had Maggi milkshake and Nutella biryani which took the internet by storm. Now a latest creation of ‘Kulhad Pizza’ in Surat has left the internet tizzy.  

Pizza is one Italian dish that is loved across the globe. From US, UK to India, one can find many pizza lovers who would definitely try new flavours and experiments. But seems like this pizza from Surat didn’t have the nod of even the biggest of pizza lovers. It seems like the idea was to give a desi spin to the Italian treat.  

Kulhad refers to a small cup made with clay, and is usually used in India for serving tea or any Indian sweet treat such as Phirni. But in this case, the Kulhad was filled with a pizza filling. Take a look:


The video shared on YouTube by Aamchi Mumbai, has received over 2 million views. According to the video, the unique desi Kulhad Pizza was from a chaat corner in the Adajan area of Surat, Gujarat. To make the pizza, the vendor first prepared a pizza mixture corn, paneer, tomato, bread pieces and is packed with different sauces, mayonnaise, spices and herbs. The ingredients are then mixed well. Post this the mixture is filled into the kulhads. In the end it is topped with oodles of mozzarella cheese, sauces, spices and corn till the brim, and is then placed in the oven to cook. While it may look tempting to some, a lot many were not very approving.

Take a look at some of the reactions:

Pizza is a dish that has seen many experiments in the past. Pizza in a cone is one! Would you try this recipe out at home? Let us know.